About Arts & Letters

One of University City’s Most Celebrated and Unique Public Institutions

The mission of the University City Municipal Commission on Arts & Letters is to act in an advisory capacity to the City Council on artistic, cultural and scholarly programs within University City.  The Commission is dedicated to promoting the arts and making art publicly visible and accessible to a broad and diverse community audience.

Funded primarily by the City of University City, the Commission supports numerous activities including a much-loved annual photography competition, a public art sculpture series collaboration with Washington University, a returning artist program for our school children and community, a series of free outdoor summer concerts and public lectures and presentations.

The Commission is made up of 15 appointed University City volunteers who serve four year terms and may be appointed for two consecutive terms.  The Commission meets on the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Heman Park Community Center, 975 Pennsylvania, with staff member Lynda Euell-Taylor.

Arts & Letters Commissioners

Garrie Burr, President and Chair, Public Art
Kay Watts, Vice President and Chair, Returning Artist and Literary
Winnie Sullivan, Treasurer and Chair, Literary
Barbara Santoro, Secretary
Frederick Fehr, Chair, Photo ShowLiterary and Marketing
Bradley Heinemann, Public Art
Melcine Henderson, Chair, Starlight Concerts
Felecia Hickman
Lawanda Hinton
Richard Massey
Marian Reed, Photo Show
Stephanie Schlaifer, Public Art and Literary
Nicole Thomas
Wilmetta Toliver-Diallo
Myra Vandersall, Chair, Marketing, and Photo Show