Returning Artists Program

This program is the Commission’s primary educational component designed specifically for school children. Since 1994, the program annually features artistically renowned graduates of University City High School who return to share their fields of work.

Typically, one artist is invited per school year, and all visiting alumni artists have established careers in their fields.  Program activities are concentrated at University City High School in a variety of classes.  Some activities take place in middle school and elementary school classes in both public and non-public schools.

There are two goals of the program:  to encourage students to investigate careers in the arts and to enrich the schools’ art programs.

Returning artists have included visual artists, glassblowers, photographers, writers, filmmakers, graphic designers, videographers, animators, instrumental musicians, composers, actors, singers and dancers.

One important and consistent component of the program is a free exhibit or presentation open to the public.  This event is publicized in newspapers, posters, school notices and by mailed invitations.

Prior Returning Artists