U City Proclamation for Returning Artist

Returning artist Saaba Buddenhagen Lutzeler was presented with the following proclamation by University City Mayor Shelley Welsch, at the Returning Artists Program reception, Thursday, February 7 at University City High School.


WHEREAS, the University City Municipal Commission on Arts and Letters is pleased to welcome artist Saaba Buddenhagen Lutzeler to this year’s Returning Artists Series; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Luzteler was born to an Ethiopian mother and an American father, attended University City schools, graduating from University City High School in 1992; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Lutzeler’s academic pursuits took her from University City to New York City, as an artists’ assistant; to Tasmania, Australia, where she studied painting; to Kenyon College in Ohio, where she completed her BA in studio art and graduated with honors; and back to the St. Louis area where she was a graduate of the St. Louis Regional Arts Commission’s Community Arts Training program; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Lutzeler has received multiple awards, shown works in many national and international fine art exhibitions, and is a recipient of the Margaret E. Leslie Prize in drawing; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Lutzeler has returned to University City where she now teaches portrait painting at Craft Alliance and runs collaborative art workshops in private settings, schools and institutions.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Shelley Welsch, Mayor of the City of University City, on behalf of the people of University City, recognize and acknowledge Saaba Buddenhagen Lutzeler for her many professional accomplishments on her return as a guest of the Municipal Commission on Arts & Letters’ Returning Artist Series, a program which brings back artistically-renowned graduates of University City High School to work with the University City students of today.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the City of University City to be affixed this 28th day of January in the year Two Thousand and Thirteen.

Shelley Welsch
Mayor of University City

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